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XceedAgents Provides Professional Website Design Assistants


July 02 , 2009 – XceedAgents Provides Professional Website Design Assistants

July 02 , 2009

Professional web design assistants are a need of the hour for new and old companies worldwide. New companies need new websites, while old companies look for enhancements to the functionality and a fresh look to add stickiness and attract more customers.

According to CEO, Vineet Narang, we were traditionally quite strong in UI design and our teams have always used web as a strong channel for marketing communication. Many of our customers who were outsourcing telesales or software development or web research had web design and web marketing as a pain area. We have now filled that gap for our existing and new customers. Our web design assistants are capable of handling all web design and web programming work for our customers."

The company has created a strong team of web design assistants who are visual communication experts with degrees in fine arts. The team has the capability to create an online brand by using the right mix of creativity and technology. XceedAgents can help create logos, web site layouts, simple HTML websites and complex product web sites with strong brand and marketing communication.

Our key focus for this team is visual communication, says Sabina Kamal, COO, XceedAgents. We believe that key to online sales / marketing success is customer stickiness. We have expertise in creating web site layouts and structure that helps your customer not only get attracted but stick to the site. Our site navigation expertise helps create site structures that make it very easy for the user to find information. Using visual communication techniques we control the customer movement on our site and hence result in much higher conversion rates."

The company has had a very good response to the new service and is now servicing 23 clients in this space. They plan to add 2 more teams and then service many more customers in the coming months.


Contact :

Deepika Laxmi

Manager Sales (International Business)

Email :      deepika@xceedagents.com

Phone :     8007845406

Website :  www.xceedagents.com



XceedAgents provides experts on demand. XceedAgents an offshore partner to small & medium businesses around the world. provide assistants in the area of sales, marketing, Internet research, web development and day to day essential operations management.

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Easy to do Business
Working with Xceedagents is easy. Hire us for a project or for your ongoing tasks. Strong process, seamless communication, good teams and online project management. Instant sign-up process.

Expert Pool
XceedAgents provides a pool of expert people who can be allocated to customer tasks.The benefit of having a pool of experts is that we can handle complex tasks easily. If the dedicated agent lacks a specific skill, the team lead is able to pull another person and get task completed on time for the client.

Seamless Communication
We are a 24 / 5 operation and run 8 hour shifts. Agents are available to work in any shift. We provide toll free phone access from US and UK. Our team leads and agents are available on skype to instant chat and voice conversation. We have video conferencing and web conferencing facilities for clients to conduct detailed training programs.

Agent / Task Management Dashboard
Task management, communication storage, instant feedback, time sheets, date wise message sorting care critical aspects of managing a remote team. Xceed Project Dashboard provides all the above functionality and much more to help our clients manage and work with their agents in a streamlined seamless manner.

Customer Satisfaction & Ethics
One of our key management focuses is customer satisfaction. We work hard at remedy customer pain points and make each interaction with us fruitful and happy. We assure you that you would find our teams and managers easy to work with, sincere and 100% ethical.


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